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High capacity mobile battery charger that can fully charge an iPhone or other smartphone up to 5 times.

Never worry again about your smartphone, tablet, music player, portable game player or
other digital device running out of power.
Keep them charged with cheero Power Plus 10400 DANBOARD version.

cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version

No matter where, no matter when,
DANBOARD comes with you to
keep your devices powered.

The DANBOARD is a fictional cardboard box robot character comes from the famous Japanese "Yotsuba & !" comic or manga.
DANBOARD has a multitude of fans from around the world.
At cheero, we truly love DANBOARD, and our passion prompted us to make his character the face of our product.

To faithfully recreate DANBOARD for our
Power Plus 10400mAh version of our
charging device,
we collaborated with Yotsuba Studio,
the original creator of DANBOARD.

Yotsuba Studio designed the final look of the
product to help make the collaboration as
faithful to the original DANBOARD robot as possible.

cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version package
Cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version

To make it more like DANBOARD, and to satisfy all DANBOARD fans,

we replicated the exact colors of popular DANBOARD figures on the outside case of our Power Plus 10400 DANBOARD version charging device.

Even the LED indicators!

We even made the included DANBOARD carrying bag as cute as the Power Plus battery charger.

What attracts people to DANBOARD? The cute robot gives everyone a simple, happy feeling. We knew an ordinary bag was not good enough for our cheero Power Plus 10400mAh DANBOARD version. So we found the perfect cloth fabric to make a fun bag.

What is a mobile battery charger for?

With a Power Plus 10400mAh DANBOARD version, you will never have to worry about your digital devices running out of power.

Our cheero battery charger is a wonderful device that contains a cost-effective lithium-ion battery that can be used repeatedly. You carry DANBOARD with you, no matter where you are.

"Oh no, my battery is dying!"

Don't worry. Your Power Plus 10400mAh DANBOARD version will not only charge your iPhone or any smartphone, but also your iPad or other digital tablet, wi-fi router, or any device with USB inlets.

The DANBOARD can be used over and over again.

Our cheero mobile device charger is very economical to buy and use. It an be recharged up to 500 times. It is easy to recharge too. Simply charge it from your PC via USB cable or from a wall socket using a USB-AC adapter.

Are you an iPhone or
smartphone user?

Then you can charge your phone fully up to 5 times with our cheero Power Plus 10400mAh DANBOARD version.
Use it daily, while on the go, or if a disaster strikes, causing a power outage.

How to use your cheero Power Plus 10400mAh DANBOARD version

Charging devices

explanation drawing

Re-charging our product

explanation drawing

To charge your device: Connect your device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) to cheero Power Plus 10400mAh DANBOARD version with the supplied cable.* Press the power button to start charging.

Recharging your DANBOARD: Connect the cheero Power Plus 10400mAh DANBOARD version to a USB-AC adapter (not included)* with the supllied cable, then plug the AC adpater into a wall outlet.

※1)Lightning cable, as well as connectors other than micro USB are not included.
※2)USB-AC adapter is not included. Please purchase it separately if it is not already included with your device.

cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version

Compatible devices

Compatible models image
iPod, iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S/5
iPad, iPad 2, new iPad, iPad mini
micro USB smartphone
micro USB wifi router

※ cheero Power Plus 10400mAh DANBOARD version can also charge portable game players, mp3 players, etc.
※ In rare cases, our cheero Power Plus DANBOARD is NOT compatible with some devices.

cheero Power Plus 10400mAh
DANBOARD version is easy to use.
Connect your devices to our
device charge with the included cable.
Press the power button to start charging.

cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version product description
Dimensions 117mm (W) x 74mm (D) x 23mm (H)
Battery Lithium-ion battery
Input DC 5 volts/1A Micro USB
charging time
About 11-13 hours
Weight(Body) 258g
Capacity 3.7 volts 10400mAh
Output DC 5 volts/1A, DC 5 volts/2.1A
Usage About 500 times
Various protection functions to prevent overcharging, over-discharging, short-circuiting and overheating.
Also has an automatic shut off function when charging is complete.

※ When charging iPad: Please use original iPad cable for fast charging from 2.1A output.
※ Accessories: Cloth carrying bag, one micro-USB cable.
* If device input is different than Micro USB, please charge it with the original cable.

cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version予約開始

cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version

The ultimate DANBOARD + cheero collaboration!

Easy to use. Connect your digital devices to our cheero Power Plus 10400mAh DANBOARD version with the supplied cable.
Press power button to start charging.
LED power indicator lights show remaining power.
Our product is rechargeable, use it up to 500 charging cycles.